Nick Dougherty: my finest day in golf was playing with Tiger Woods at United States Open

Nick Dougherty is at least spared the question of whatever happened to. His prominence as an exceptional television expert suggests he stays part of golf s consciousness.

There was a spell when the Englishman was in the limelight for different factors. He was the interviewee instead of the interviewer. That time will hit the 34-year-old with full force when he gets to Oakmont Country Club for this week’s US Open.

In 2007 Dougherty took to Oakmont when through his life. He justified that not only by leading with a first-round 68 however by holing a 15 ft putt on the 72nd green for a closing share of 7th, which was sufficient to earn the Englishman a Masters debut the following year.

That week was groundbreaking for me in a few ways, Dougherty says. You know that if you are not going in there with your online game undamaged, you comprise the numbers. You can’t hide at an US Open.

I had actually heard all the stories about Oakmont, believed: Yeah, yeah, then played practice rounds and it was extremely difficult. Even though I was playing well, my expectations totally dropped because I didn’t even know what a great score was around that course.

It was everything about expectation. If I was playing well in practice, it tended not to be a good indication because I started believing: I can win this. That would ban around my moving towards the entire week. I would make mistakes because of pushing too hard. Rather, there I believed practically hanging on for dear life and seeing what took place.

At the time Dougherty branded Oakmont barbaric. I love golf on the edge.

Expectation played a part in Dougherty s second-round 77. Disappointment was soon balanced out by fairy tale; Dougherty was to partner Tiger Woods in round 3. Individuals ask about my finest day in golf. It wasn’t any of the wins, he says. That was my finest day in golf; playing with Tiger Woods, third round of the United States Open. People win; someone wins every week, whereas having fun with a little bit of history that was much better than leading the United States Open.

He was only one shot under that day because he missed out on everything. He didn’t putt badly but kept grazing the hole. That’s why I don’t particularly like seeing what has actually occurred to his golf.

Dougherty was so drained pipes by his third-round experience he went to sleep at the dinner table. He had completed double bogey, bogey for a 74. I was still incredibly happy with what I had actually done but if I had actually finished par, par I would have had an excellent chance.

Dougherty’s subsequent path was a tragic one. He closed 2007 inside the top 50 worldwide. The magical minute of putting out on the final green on Masters Sunday in April 2008 was even more special for Dougherty, with his family, including his mother, Ennis, in clear sight. Ennis was to die, at the age of 61, having suffered a cardiac arrest the following week.

In the middle of a psychological tailspin, Dougherty put his heart and soul into qualifying for the 2008 Ryder Cup. He came within a back nine of doing that now admits the fixation based upon in some way offsetting his mother s death was a dumb one. Things changed; even when he won the 2009 BMW International Open, Dougherty did not sample common levels of complete satisfaction. I was hollow that night, really rather deflated, he states. I was extremely pleased with the victory but empty.

That was Dougherty’s last top-10 finish, amazingly for someone of his skill. While suffering paralysis by analysis Dougherty looked for insight from almost every leading coach in golf however his game collapsed.

There was no dramatic upturn. Definitely such a close seeing brief of the summit of golf triggers jealousy? Remembering what I utilized to be able to do make me believe those things, he says. However then I remember, golf isn’t like that for me anymore. It is tough to obtain around in my mind. The last 5 years have been quite scarring in what I have enjoyed; I have had some terrible experiences; lacking balls in Africa and being grateful at not having to sign for more than 90. Imagine being grateful for lacking balls because it conserved humiliation?

I have made peace with it. When I was in it, it brought me to tears. I don’t doubt individuals will believe: Get a grip, mate, you play golf for a living. True, true but when you are in it, there is no escape. It was my living and I had worked so hard.I haven’t shut the door on playing golf. If I get to the end of the year and simply seem like I’m consuming somebody s spot, I think then I may decide. I will constantly play however it is whether I can contend. It is an odd time for me.

Dougherty attempted to qualify for Oakmont. I am delighted to go back because it will remind me what I used to play golf like.If this week offers others a possibility to recall Dougherty s assure, the US Open will be all the much better for it. If it offers needed incentive for resurgence, Dougherty will not be doing not have in kudos.

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In 2007 Dougherty took to Oakmont when through his life. He justified that not only by leading with a first-round 68 however by holing a 15 ft putt on the 72nd green for a closing share of 7th, which was sufficient to earn the Englishman a Masters debut the following year.


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